Monthly Archives: August 2016

SA Minister Quizzed on Missing Nuclear Documents

Energy Minister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson will be asked in Parliament next week to account for missing documents in a court case regarding the nuclear energy programme. That is according to Democratic Alliance (DA) MP and shadow energy minister Gordon Mackay on Thursday, who sits on the energy portfolio committee in Parliament. He was responding to a Continue Reading

UK to Back South African Energy Sector

UK’s government funding scheme for southern Africa, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s programme, intends to assist in the South African energy sector’s development. According to a media statement, the policy goals of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) seek to create real, measurable outcomes through the provision of funds, a sum of which will assist Continue Reading

Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Where Does Your Favourite Party Stand?

In light of the catastrophic threats posed by climate change, Greenpeace has analysed the top three political party’s manifesto’s to understand their stance on clean energy, and climate change. The impacts of climate change have already been felt in South Afric over the proceeding eight months with the current drought conditions leading to water scarcity Continue Reading