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Coal – a complex natural resource

Coal is made up of complex mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds. The organic compounds, inherited from the plants that live and die in the swamps, number in the millions. The more than 120 inorganic compounds in coal either were introduced into the swamp from waterborne or windborne sediment, or were derived from elements in the Continue Reading

New Clean Coal Technologies for Fossil Fuels

Coal is directly connected with greenhouse gas emissions, so it is no surprise that science and technology are on the lookout for new clean coal technologies.  These new technologies involve ways in which to burn coal, without it adding extensively to the global carbon dioxide levels.  At the moment, coal usage produces approximately 9 billion Continue Reading

Woody Biomass : A Renewable Energy Source Which Should be Considered

Question:  What’s green, grows on trees, creates jobs and supports healthier forests? Answer: woody biomass. If you are wondering what woody biomass is, it is generally the term used for the by-products created from forest management projects.  This biomass can include branches, tree tops, needles, leaves and bark.  Traditionally, this waste has been put into Continue Reading