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The History of Coal Mining in South Africa

The history of coal mining in South Africa is closely linked with the economic development of the country. Commercial coal mining commenced in the eastern Cape near Molteno in 1864.  The discovery of diamonds in the late 1870s led to expansion of the mines in order to meet the growing demand for coal. Commercial coal Continue Reading

How Explosives have Shaped our World

Few people today give much thought to the role that explosives play in their lives each day and how they are linked to our standard of living and our very way of life.  Explosives provide the means to free up the vast resources of the earth for the advancement of civilization. Few people know that Continue Reading


As a fuel source, anthracite has many distinct advantages over its better-known alternatives (gas, oil, electricity, wood, wood pellets, and propane).  The cost of anthracite can be significantly lower than alternative heat methods mentioned above.  After switching to anthracite, many users report saving up to 50% on their heating bills.  Anthracite is a clean-burning and Continue Reading