Monthly Archives: December 2015

Chill Hangs Over Coal Market

AFTER a year of sliding prices, mining policy uncertainty and labour unrest, the JSE’s coal mining index has taken a severe bruising. The outlook for next year is no better, as China’s coal offtake remains weak, nations have agreed at the recent climate talks to cut carbon emissions, and SA faces increased political flux. The latest Continue Reading

Turning South Africa’s Waste into Energy

South Africans throw away over 566 million tonnes of rubbish each year according to the Drankenstein municipality. Much of our garbage ends up buried in massive landfills, causing untold damage to the environment. Add the waste that comes from farming, and you have a ticking environmental time bomb. Livestock production is one of the most destructive farming practices there Continue Reading

Bladeless Wind Turbines!

What do you get if you take the blades off a wind turbine? A better wind turbine. That sounds like a joke, but that’s actually more or less the model of a new wind turbine prototype. Instead of blades that turn in the breeze, the turbine is just a hollow straw that sticks up 40 feet from the Continue Reading