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Coal : The Largest Source of Energy over the Past 10 Years

Almost half of the world’s additional energy demand over the past ten years was provided by coal. All other fuels combined, including oil, natural gas, renewables and nuclear energy, accounted for the other half.  In fact, every year over the last decade coal has been the world’s fastest growing energy source, driven by Asian demand and regional abundance of the fuel. Continue Reading

Top Ten Coal Producers

Coal provides around 30% of global primary energy needs, generates 41% of the world’s electricity and is used in the production of 70% of the world’s steel. Total Global Coal Production 7831Mt (2012e) 7608Mt (2011) 4677 (1990) Top Ten Coal Producers PR China 3549Mt Russia 359Mt USA 935Mt South Africa 259Mt India 595Mt Germany 197Mt Continue Reading

Efficient Boiler Burner Technologies

An efficient burner provides the proper air-to-fuel mixture throughout the full range of firing rates, without constant adjustment. Many burners with complex linkage designs do not hold their air-to-fuel settings over time. Often, they are adjusted to provide high excess air levels to compensate for inconsistencies in the burner performance. An alternative to complex linkage designs, modern burners Continue Reading

Coal Mines in South Africa

Coal mines in South Africa play an important role in the country’s economy, with 77% of all primary energy needs being provided for by coal.  South Africa also exports nearly one quarter of all coal, while coal mines in South Africa, and their direct supporting industries, employ roughly 55000 people. According to Eskom, coal mines Continue Reading