Monthly Archives: May 2014

Clean Coal Technology Plans for SA

Regulations governing the application for and awarding of prospecting rights and mining rights for underground coal gasification (UCG) in South Africa have been included in the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) Amendment Bill, accelerating the near-term likelihood that the clean coal technology will be introduced into the national energy mix. UCG enabled coal to be gasified within a coal seam, converting Continue Reading

Transforming Waste to Water

Anglo American was the first company to transform waste water from its coal mines into something 80 000 people drink. Now it is seen as a model. Purifying contaminated water from three sites in South Africa has proved so successful that Anglo’s plant in Witbank is doubling in size and being replicated elsewhere in the Continue Reading

South African Coal Sector Faces Challenges

If South Africa is to make the best use of its valuable carbon-based fuel resources, the coal sector faces a number of challenges.  Globally, the demand for coal remains strong – even more so in the developing world.  Africa needs another 7,000MW more electricity annually to keep up with its growth rate. To serve this need, Continue Reading