Monthly Archives: February 2014

South Africa’s Coal Production

Did you know that about 21 percent of the run-of-mine coal produced in South Africa is exported, and 21 percent is used locally (excluding power-station coal). The rest is not saleable and is discarded. The remainder of South Africa’s coal production feeds the various local industries: . 62 percent is used for electricity generation; . Continue Reading

Algae to Energy Technology – The New “Coalgae”.

Innovative technology that uses algae to convert waste coal dust into a clean, high-quality coal which can readily be processed into biofuel was publicly demonstrated at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth on Monday. “If you mix coal dust and algae biomass, the algae adsorps [collects] onto the surface of the coal and Continue Reading

Is South Africa Bracing for Another Year of Strikes?

The last two years have been dark times for South African labour relations. Pay strikes have rolled from sector to important sector — mining, manufacturing, transport — leaving a wake of red ink, protests and blood. Unfortunately, the new year looks much like the last. [Read full article here…..]