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Competitive Advantages of Coal

Demand for electricity will continue to increase as the economy grows. Much of the projected increase in demand for electricity will be supplied by existing coal-fired power plants because they possess excess capacity that can be utilized at low incremental costs.  In order to meet the projected increase in demand for electricity, demand for coal Continue Reading

Coal is Essential

Coal is the best fossil fuel energy source because it is: Abundant-many countries have extensive reserves of coal; it is mined in more than 50 countries. Safe-coal is stable and the safest fossil fuel to transport, store and use. Secure-coal users are guaranteed security of supply at competitive prices due to abundant reserves, hence electricity Continue Reading

Stability of Coal

Coal is a comparatively stable material It does not present leakage and spillage problems associated with oil and gas. Disasters involving coal-carrying ships are not a source of pollution. There is no safer energy source when handled and used correctly. Source: World Coal Institute A healthy balance between the environment and the economy is both Continue Reading