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Why Coal is the Best Fossil Fuel Energy:

Coal is the best fossil fuel energy source because it is: Abundant-many countries have extensive reserves of coal; it is mined in more than 50 countries. Safe-coal is stable and the safest fossil fuel to transport, store and use. Secure-coal users are guaranteed security of supply at competitive prices due to abundant reserves, hence electricity Continue Reading

Coal Mining in South Africa

Mining has long been integral to the development and advancement of South Africa’s economy and has contributed largely in making its economy the strongest on the continent. Ownership, access and opportunity in regards to the country’s mineral resources are regulated by the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002, which recognises the state’s custodianship Continue Reading

Coal Combustion By-Products

The combustion of coal in coal-fired power plants produces several materials, including: fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization material.  Together, these materials represent what is generally referred to as coal ash, or sometimes as coal combustion byproducts (CCBs).  Each material has unique characteristics that makes it  valuable for certain beneficial uses, including as a Continue Reading

Coal in Developing Countries

Worldwide, we are faced with the basic need for energy, but in the poorer countries, this basic need is critical.  There are roughly 1.6 billion people in developing countries – 700 million of whom are in Africa.  Many of these people lack access to electricity.  Due to the fact that coal is often cheap and Continue Reading