Monthly Archives: November 2014

Researchers Make Solar Panels in a Spray-can

One of the biggest problems with current solar power solutions is that they rely on solar panels made from silicon. These are rigid, making them ideal for placing on roofs of houses but nearly impossible to put on something which is innately curved like a car or the back of many smartphones. New technology from the University Continue Reading

South Africa’s Largest Solar Power Plant Goes Online

As the world’s combustible energy sources and oil supplies are busy being depleted, many companies and nations have turned to implementing renewable energy sources for the last couple of years – and South Africa is not far behind. While SA has a number of solar-powered energy plants scattered across the country, one of the biggest ones recently Continue Reading

Is 100% Renewable Energy Feasible for Every Country?

Countries around the world currently have very impressive plans to supply all of their energy needs with renewable energy options. How do they plan on doing it?  Global Director, Kevin Smith of Renewable, suggests that these are lofty ambitions, and powering an entire country with renewable energy can be inspirational, and in a few countries even Continue Reading