Coal – the most reliable, affordable energy source

Whether we realize it or not, electricity from coal powers the lives of millions of South Africans.  Domestic reserves of coal have provided the largest source of electricity that South African families and businesses have depended upon each and every day.  But many people don’t realize that.  Many of us take electricity for granted and give little thought to what is involved in providing a reliable, affordable supply of electricity to meet increasing consumer needs.  Maybe one reason we don’t give this more thought is because electricity from coal is so reliable.  Coal and other traditional energy resources provide steady power that is available on demand.  That’s a big difference between coal and renewable energy resources, particularly wind and solar.  These sources produce electricity only under certain weather conditions;
including steady, sustained wind speeds or enough direct sunlight.  If we’re going to meet our nation’s growing demand for electricity,
keep energy costs affordable and continue to make progress on reducing emissions and meeting more stringent environmental standards, we can’t afford to take things for granted.

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