Are Powerships a Solution to SA’s Energy Crisis?

Powerships can produce electricity at a much cheaper rate than Eskom’s open cycle gas turbines, and can provide the additional power the country needs to avoid most load shedding.  Turkish company Karadeniz Energy Group is confident that it can help solve South Africa’s power problems by supplying its Powerships to Eskom.

Karadeniz claimed that Powerships are a medium-term bridging solution to South Africa’s current energy challenges.

“They will provide the economy with much-needed energy while providing Eskom with the space and time it needs to run important maintenance work on its existing coal fleet and complete its pipeline of new build projects,” the company said.

Two of the ships will soon supply Ghana with 450MW of power after a deal was signed between the country and Karpowership, a subsidiary of the Karadeniz Energy Group. Karpowership sales director Patrick O’Driscoll said they can solve South Africa’s power crisis through a deal like Ghana’s.

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