Coal is used as a fuel for manufacturing.  It is a key ingredient in manufacturing products such as tar, synthetic rubber, petroleum and
steel.  The iron industry uses coke ovens to melt iron ore.  This is an almost pure carbon residue of coal and is used as a fuel in smelting
metals.  Then these coals are transported around the world for use in coke ovens.  Other industries such as those that produce paper, brick, limestone and cement, use coal to manufacture products.  Some ingredients that are separated coal (such as methanol and ethylene)
are used to manufacture plastics, fertilizers, synthetic fibres, tar and medicines.

Clean coal technology helps in reducing air emissions and other pollutants from power plants that use coal for power generation.  Some
companies are using innovate techniques to clean coal and reduce emissions. According to John Riddle, author of “Coal Power of the
Future,” an example is the Polk Power Plant in Tampa, Florida, which uses specialized equipment to process coal before generating power
from it.  As a result, this power plant generates 85 percent less nitrogen dioxide and 32 percent less sulphur dioxide than other power plants.

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